Pure boredom has got to me again…

1. Stuff mash potatoes up your nose until your can’t breath…and stay like that
2. Tie your hair to the top branch of a tree and wait
3. Tie your feet together and walk onto a highway
4. shove cheese nips into your eyes until your eyes start to bleed…then walk around until you walk into a sharp object
5. lock yourself in a box with no food, water, sunlight, or entertainment
6. start dating a bitch and she’ll annoy/talk/bitch you to death
7. Scream as loud and long as you can…and don’t stop. Eventually you’ll run out of air..
8. Put on Justin Bieber
9. Put bacon on your head and walk into an animal control center
10. Jump over a large fire, if you make it do it again. If you make that do it again..and again. Eventually you’ll get tired and slip up.