Well, today a lot of things happened, nothing big but some things worth recording ;p
Well, my day started out with me awakening at eight in the morning, which is paradise compared to the six am sharp that I would normally get up on a school day. My nieces cute laughter is the first thing I heard <3
At about ten am we went strawberry picking; yes I know you could just buy some strawberries at the store, but I feel it gives you more of an expirence to go and pick them yourself.
Then, later I had a softball game. The last one of the season. We won. We’re a five hundred team Smile A five hundred team who is going to the playoffs on saturday. Ooh Yeah.
Later I went to the amazing Rita Italian ice place, where I got a galotee thingy that was great.Nothing really interesting happened today though :/ I lost my really cool, sky blue, super bouncy ball though, and now I am deeply sad. lmao.I’ve been thinking about love…I’ll post my gathered and organized thoughts on it’s meaning, depth, and such tomorrow.