The days go by
The the years disappear
But one thing that doesn’t, is that you’re still not here

You left so long ago
Or so it feels
When it was really just weeks ago

When your Dad got promotion
out to the city
You were over come with emotion

We got taken away
we were two separated sisters
So far apart

Nothing was the same after that
We used to be so close
Used to think the same thoughts

But now we’re strangers
We’ve gone our separate ways
no reason to talk, there’s nothing to say

As more time goes by
we can’t even remember each other
there is not a single reason to

We don’t feel each other
Like we used to
We never think about each other anymore; there’s no reason to

Now you have a new bestest friend
As do I
and we’re just a small thought in the back of each others mind

Never to be united
is this old sistership
Now it’s just a memory

that is never to be remembered.