There’s only one way I can think of to compare Lady Gaga to math class; both are something you either love or you hate. Not in between.Personally, I think she’s a good singer. Not by far the best or most talented there is out there, but not bad. She’s been performing in bars, clubs, ect. on stage her whole life and really knows how to give the crowd what they want.Next…her fashion. I respect her for her fashion. I mean would you go out with the guts to look like that? On stage? In front of millions of people? I think not. She has guts, she has voice, she has smarts, and lastly, she has confidence. I don’t really see why people make fun of her, or hate on her. She has guts and she should be respected for that.

Nay, I don’t think you have the confidence to go out like that, being viewed by millions of people. I know you don’t. In fact, I don’t know a single person who has the personality, confidence, and edge to rock an outfit like that. well, maybe except Madonna, but she doesn’t count. She’s like a different species.And the shit about her being hermaphrodite and sleeping with her band mates and other women? Stupid rumors made up by people who are jealous of her. Then again, what’s to be expected when she’s the next big thing in pop music (unless you’d rather have the next big thing be Justin Bieber, lmfao)