Well, today was the last day of school. I cried. I’m still crying. I’m going up to the middle school next year. I may actually have to work up there to maintain good grades, lol.
Well, I will miss helping out in the library ofter school, I’ll miss my amazing teachers, I’ll miss my friends who are moving, I’ll miss me. Yes, me. I’m changing. I have responsibilaties (lol, however you spell it) now. I’m baby sitting more often. Everything is harder. My personality is different and changing. My style is becoming more and more gothic/emo. Everything is changing. I’m changing.
I’ve been focusing more on my novel and writing now lately, so I guess that’s one of the good things.
Well, today, the last day of school way a graduation ceremony. I got over-all second honors. I also got an A in the math and reading exams. I was surprised about getting an A in math because I completely suck at Math. That means I get to take a language next year, and I’m pretty happy about that, if we take a language we have to take German, Spanish, and French. If we don’t/can’t take a language we go to reading remediation.Another thing changing is my cat, Jade. Bless her. She’s at least 17 years old, but will not be breathing much longer and I really don’t know what I’ll do when she’s gone. She used to walk down to the end of the driveway when I get off the bus from school to greet me. Now she just waits at the top because it’s to painful for her to walk distances. She was a foster kid that we took in’s kitty, but when the foster kid left our house, she left Jade too. So Jade became my cat and has been ever since. Oh, Jades always been with me since I was a baby, I don’t know what I’ll do…. Sad That also made me cry. Gosh, I’ve been so sad lately over everything. Everything here has been so sad lately :(My favorite teacher, also crying, gave me a very beautiful, thoughtful, and nice girl with our parting. A Amber necklace. It’s a beautiful chain, with a dangling Amber stone hanging from it. I had never seen an Amber stone before. I will forever treasure it.Eh, that’s all that really happened and that I thought about today…sorry it’s not a really long nor interesting blog post today…<3 Amber