Day 02- The meaning behind your Blog name
Well, one day not to long ago (if I recall it was a few months ago..I don’t remember xD) I was laying outside in the grass. It was such a pretty day, it was warm but not like hectic warm, nor cold, just perfect. And so i was just laying in the grass for lack of something better to do, staring up at the sky, making the clouds into shapes, and just day dreaming. Then I started thinking about rainbows somehow..I don’t remember how actually maybe it was just a random thought that popped into my head. And then I stared back up at the sky again…and imagined it in pretty colors…all different ones like the rainbow..blues, greens, yellows, red, pinks, purples..and so much more. And thought “Oh hey, the sky would look beautiful multi-colored”..and then imagined myself taking pain brushes and just basically painting the sky. Then I added on the X’s on in the beginning and end of it because they look nice and stand for kisses.
~Xpaint the SkyX♥