Day 03- A picture of you and your friends

Lousy picture quality; but I wouldn’t have wanted to fully show my bestest friend online anyway. And I don’t mean this in a lesbian-ish way, but she’s a pretty cute/hott girl and there’s a lot of pedos online that I wouldn’t put her at risk for.
Anyways, on of the sentences above is false; my best friend is a boy yet the person in the picture is female. xD It would be weird if the person aside me in the picture was male considering we’re in the girls bathroom at school at the time of the picture. I don’t have any pictures of me and Alex…nay, I do..on my camera. Sadly, the plug-thingy that is supposed to transfer pictures from my camera onto the computer doesn’t work.
Anyways again, the girl in the picture is my “second bestest friend” Christina. We just call her X or x-t though. We met back in third grade..and have been close friends ever since <3 She’s such an amazing girl and an amazing friend, she also has a killer fashion trend going on with ‘er :3 Yeah, this is us on like the first day of school last year in the girls bathroom missing fourth period (math..ew xD Worth the miss).

~XPaint the SkyX