Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have

OK, I have a lot of bad habits..some of which almost every American (or non-American..I said American because I can’t speak for say Russian people, as I don’t frequently talk nor see them so I couldn’t tell you habits that are similar to mine xD)I have a lot ‘O few habits that I wish I didn’t have, some of which would include getting so into one thing (computer) that everything else like doesn’t matter at all, then when that crashes or whatever everything’s….all shittied up. Another one would probably be being all shy in real life around people I’m not acquainted with, that probably stops me from getting more friends..But the biggest I would say would probably being so like caring about what other people think about me, what I say, how I look, and generally thinking a lot of the cliques in the school. Like thinking they’re better than me, they are smarter than me and shiz. When I guess I know deep down there always will be someone more smart, more prettier, more athletic, ect. than me; it’s just a matter of knowing that you’re doing your best (assuming your giving whatever 100%) and knowing that there will always be someone out there that can do something better than you. Yes, life isn’t fair..I’ve come to realize that.Oh, and sorry wise people who read my blog actively for not posting something yesterday, but you see it isn’t my fault at all. My bitch of a mother took away my computer for an invalid reason. She yelled at me for “talking back”. Uhm what the fuck? She yells at me for replying to her, then later she yells at me for ignoring her when all I was doing was doing what she said in the first place! I mean, seriously. It’s my computer anyway, I pay for it, so I’m not sure why she even can take it away when it’s not hers.Anyways, yeah.

~XPaint the SkyX