Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why

My short term goals for this month would probably be..well probably to get the middle school routine down. To wake up at six a.m. then get my locker open, German class, Science, PE, ect. good grades for this marking period in. Why? Because I want this to be a great year, and if you fail more than one class you have to repeat the entire grade. No second chances, no summer school to get you up – our school is suckky like that and doesn’t give many chances for success. And…I know that things like collages, jobs, being a grown up, ect. are coming up around the corner and that the decisions that I make now ie. school work, homework, and althetics, will very much effect all that and how successful I am in it and life in general.
So yeah, I seriously realize how important this year is for my future and I want it to be pretty epic in general – which means if I say get detention for missing a class then it will effect me going to my field hockey game, or me hanging out with my friends, and important things like that. So my short term goals for this month are basically to get my school routine down pat so that the rest of this year will go a bit more smoothly than it would if I am like missing all my classes, disorganized, ect. ect. ect.

Now children xD Today I am quite ‘normal’. I can’t seem to log onto FR, MSN, and my forum has this really nifty deface page on it. But I opened my locker on the first try this morning in school ^.^ So yeah, what the fucking ever. The internet isn’t everything and I have to realize that – hence me not like spazzing out because I can’t get on MSN, FR, nor my forum. (Since the people who read this normally are mostly my bestest internet friends, you’ll probably know how I would have reacted to all this shit a month ago xD) Ooh, guess what?! I had like 4 tests today! Yupp, today was god fucking tubular. But hey, I’m pretty proud of myself for getting my locker open. It’s (sometimes) the little things that can cheer you up.
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