Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days

OK, Personally I don’t think I have much to be proud nothing notable happened in the past few days xDWell..I dug pretty deep to see if there’s anything for me to be proud of and found two things..count ’em two. one) I said hi to a new kid who just moved here. I’m pretty shy to people in school except for the people outside of my little friend group (This is just a side note, but keep in mind that tomorrow is best friend day ^^) it feels pretty good to say hi to someone new – and he talked to me afterward. I know it’s hard to be in a room of stranger, feeling awkward, and alone, so I feel really good for doing it too, so that I know he isn’t completely alone in his first few days here at my school ^.^The second thing I’m pretty proud of is that I beat my nerdy teacher in chess xD Yeah, I have this really nerdy teacher who uses really big words, and talks like such a nerd that it’s not even funny. And he likes to play chess – which is good for me because I am quite fond of chess. So it started like three days ago, we started a match at lunch, and then it continued through the day before yesterday and today – and I came out trapping his kind and killin’ his queen and bishop and winning ^.^ So yes, I am quite proud of that little victory.Love,Anathema