Day 11- Another picture of you and your friends

This is myself and my best friend on the bus this afternoon…Shh we’re not supposed to have cell phones on the bus. Excuse the day quality; I can’t upload pictures on my camera to the computer so I had to take a webcam picture of the picture on my cell phone.Anyway, she’s been my best friend since third grade. We’re planning to do a special best friend cerimony soon; it’s where you use a knife to put a small slit on the corner of your hand, both of you do this on the opposite hand, then while it’s bleeding you press your hands together so that you’re like best friends together. You’re blood’s mixed up. Now you can never leave eachother. Yeah, we plan to do this like when we have time sometime.She’s pretty, has glasses, cheers, and has the most amazing hair ever. She’s pretty smart too. Overall, she’s the best friend anyone could ask for..Love,Anathema