Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

You may be thinking something like “Oh god” right now with this one, but I’m going to be really serious with this blog post. The person who first comes to mind when “hurt” and “recently” are said is pretty obvious. But, for reasons such as it would just egg him on, he would find it humorous, ect. I am not writing it to you know who (no, not Voldemort). Instead I’ll take this blog post as an oportunity to speak my feelings toward my mother. if only she could see it..

Dear “mom”

I understand that you’re in charge of me, and that you own the roof that I live under and take care of me, but that shouldn’t mean you control my life. You see, I’m looking forward the the future, and in 10 years will I really give a damn if I’m wearing the latest jeans? Normally with mother-daughter relasonships it’s the other way around, but with ours it’s like you want me to be what you wish you could have been when you were younger – the popular cheerleader or whatever you would like the term it. When, to be completely honest, I don’t really care about how I look or anything – my hobbies are chess, computers, forums, poetry/writing, and blogs and you really should get used to that because it’s just really..disappointing when you don’t support myself comstantly and try to take the computer away. And, let’s be real here. I’m just going to find where you hide the computer and take it back, or I’ll do or say something to compell you to give me it back within twenty four hours, so why waste the time bickering over it when when we look into the future I’m just going to get it back anyway, so why take it away in the first place? You really can’t control my thoughts, emotions, or actions, which means that I’ll never really be who you wanted me to be when you adopted me, so get used to it. Sorry, looks like you picked the wrong kid, and if you’re not OK with that then I’ll gladly leave and you can go get a freaking amazing cheerleader girl. Whatever. Anyways, just saying that it kind of hurts a little when you’re contantly pointing out what other girls are wearing and comparing how I look to them…but whatever. It’s cool, it’s cool.
And, come on, I don’t have a religous bone in my body so forcing me to go to church is just a hassle and stress on both sides of the cheese. I hope you see where I’m coming from, that I don’t mind you guys praying at dinner and such, but forcing me into a religion is totally unethical.

Your daughter,