You know when you try so hard at something…then it breaks, doesn’t work, or people don’t like it? I’ve been getting that lately with a story I’m writing.I was about to quit, but then thought to myself “But, maybe on the four hundred and fifth time I’ll get it, even if I didn’t get it any of the times I tried before.” maybe I’m just thinking optimistically, or maybe I’m on to something.If we give up, then think of what you could have done? If Obama thought “No, Clinton will win, so why bother trying, what’s the point?” If he had done that, the USA wouldn’t be in the wreak it is wouldn’t have him as president. If Bill gates had thought “Hey, I can’t do it, I’m not good enough” then we would not have the internet we all know and love.I may be contrasting my previous blog post about how Pessimism is sometimes better, and I realize that. But this is one of the times that optimism is a wee bit better.<blockquote>what’s the point?“</blockquote>What is the point of trying? Why not sit back and let someone else do it? Simple: Not everyone thinks the same. No one thinks the same. Someone may have an idea similar to yours, but it isn’t the same and heck, yours may be better, but how do you know if you don’t try?<blockquote>They’re better than me, I’m going to lose, so why bother trying?</blockquote>I was once at a baseball game, the score was 13-0. Did the losing team give up? No. They pushed, played as hard as they could, and beat the other team 13-14 in the 8th inning. They just gave a tiny bit more of a push and beat them. Why? Because they didn’t throw down their gloves and say “hell, they’re going to beat us. Imma just lay down and let them beat us.” no, they believed in themselves.I hope I don’t sound corny, or like I’m a couch giving you a speech, or anything, but this is just my thought. I mean, what if…what if…what if the famous people or the important(er) (everyone is important to the world in someway) had never tried, had just given up…where would we be? Heck, I bet we wouldn’t have half the technology we currently have if people had given up.So, what have we learned today? (lmao) That you shouldn’t give up, it will pay off. No one is better than you. You all have an equal chance. You don’t suck♥

~XPaint the SkyX♥