Fashion…people craze over it…people pretend they don’t care about it…overall it’s an important thing in life. What inspired me to take the time to write up a blog post about fashion that approximately two people will read? Simply because I feel that I should let those two smart, wise, awesome people hear my thoughts on fashion and certain things about it.I personally don’t believe in fashion ~ it’s pretty much a myth in my eyes. It’s basically it’s what {stupid} people like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and “top-notch” clothing designers put out into Hottopic and other major clothing stores that everyone is raving about and “must have” and think they look “cool” in. Most of the time I’m thinking in my head “Um, what? obviously out for attention or is a poser/wannabe *walks other way*” Seriously. Fashion should be what you feel comfortable in. Not what Miley Cyrus wore on one of her music videos, not how Justin Bieber likes him hair, not how clothing designers enjoy looking. You’re wearing the clothes, not anyone else so there is no point in trying to please them with what you wear. If someone was a true friend then they wouldn’t stop talking to you because you’re not wearing an over expensive rip from someone famous.If you had to stick a label on me what would I be? Well, you’ll typically find me in a black shirt (or with something on it), skinny jeans/black/maroon shorts (depending on how hot/cold it is), and some purple and black converse with my nails painted with a black and purple manicure. Why do I dress like that? Because it’s what I am most comfortable in. I don’t enjoy dressing all preppy, I prefer darkness. I guess the “in” people would call how I dress and act “emo” but it’s all just a term Wink My favorite colors are black, red, and purple – hence my wearing those colors on a typical day. Not because Selena Gomezs favorite color is black or whatever, but because it’s mine. I suppose I also feel more secure dressing the way that I feel, because dressing is bringing out your emotions…and mine are typically dark, so it gives off the flare to people who talk to me that I may not be the most pleasant. Not that I care, I’m typically a loner anyway, so who would take the time to talk to me when they could talk to someone with something much better and more interesting to say?What about dressing up? Well, honestly I love to dress up. It makes me feel like a princess. I guess I feel more confident dressed up too, because I know that I look my best, I typically feel my best, and I generally have inner peace. I wouldn’t dress up everyday, but I do enjoy putting on some high-heels and a beautiful dress. Maybe it’s just because I’m a true romantic, but for some reason I also think that special things just become better when you’re dressed up all fancy-like.