Oh yes, another simple GIMP tutorial. I’ll try to make one for Photoshop later.
This tutorial is step-by-step with graphics to help.
This one basically explains how to add transparency on GIMP. Transparency is when a part of the graphic blends in with the background – whatever the background is and on any part of the graphic. It’s like that part of it isn’t there, but it is.

For the tutorial, I’m using a 150x150px square red graphic, the one shown above. Really simple.

First, open the image you want in GIMP.

Then, in the top navigation go to Layers>Transparency>Add alpha channel then click that.

Next, in the side pop up panel, click the eraser icon.

Next, after you’ve clicked the eraser, click drag the brush that came up around the image. Also, you can change how the transparency comes up as like instead of using the circle brush , you could use, say a star brush .

If dark grey and light grey checker marks come up, then it means you’re doing things right so far.

Then when you save it and post it come where, the parts that you erased in GIMP will show up as the background of what it’s on.

And it would come up like this in a lime green background:

Like this in a grey colored background:

This in an orange colored background:


And so on :)

Hope this helped the graphics/GIMP beginners a little bit,