OK, so yesterday I started reading this book called “Uglies” yesterday and I am in love with it so far! (for those of you who I talk to a lot, or those who stalk me (or both) you may know about my special tree. If you don’t stalk me and I don’t talk to you a lot, then you probably don’t. Luckily for you I am taking the time to explain what my special tree is right now. It is a tree that is special to me. Ohhhk, it’s a tree that’s pretty high but has well placed branches, which makes it easy for me to climb rather high on. I do a lot of my writing, reading, and crying in that tree.) So, I started reading “Uglies” in my special tree, and couldn’t put it down! It’s by Scott Westerfeld incase you were wondering. I’m now on page 175 out of 425, so I have..*thinks* 250 pages left. I should finish it by tomorrow or the day after tomorrow – I’ll write up a super special mini review on it afterward. So yeah, incase you haven’t been catching my drift, I’m recommending you to read it and hinting (conspicuously) that I intend to write a special mini review on it afterward.Love,Anathema