Imagination ~ Seriously, where would we be without it? If cavemen haven’t Imagined fire and better food, then we wouldn’t be cooking like we do today, nor living! If Bill gates hadn’t imagined a better internet, you wouldn’t even be reading this nor the many other things on the internet that you all amuse yourselves with.
Imagination really is an amazing thing, it’s the basis of dreams, hopes, wishes, inventions, and goals. Without I bet nothing would even exist. Everything in the world was inside someones imagination or in a tiny fragment of their mind at once ~ (ch’out here comes my religious side) we were all in Gods imagination at once, and look where we are, what we’re doing, what we’re accomplishing now! And yet, inspiration occurs everyday around us.
I truly believe that imagination is the key to success. Without it we wouldn’t imagine goals, we wouldn’t dream of what we could do, we all aspire to something, and if we can’t dream it, can’t imagine it, we can’t do it.
People always say that you will not get anywhere by sitting around dreaming ~ I strongly disagree. By dreaming you are strengthening what you want to accomplish so you can go out there and do it better when you actually do. And without dreaming how would we know, how would we realize what we are passionate about? Although it is true that your dreams can’t just pop and come true with you sitting there, and you have to work and try 110% always to make them happen, dreams do count for something. They can motivate you, give you inspiration, ideas. Imagination, is part of the key to humanity.
So next time you see a cardboard box or plain sheet of paper, get a little creative with it. Your life is just a blank canvas waiting to be drawn on. Some people will just paint circles or squares, but I’ll be drawing some beautiful, unique, imaginative, abstract art Smile