I’ve been thinking about how corrupt the world is. How murderous, untrustworthy, unsafe, and how much it is being destroyed.
This is the world I would be in, this is my world in my most wonderful dreams, in my most beautiful thoughts.
In my world, you would not have to lock your doors, you don’t have to worry about anyone breaking in or stealing anything. Everyone is your neighbor, there is no “USA”, “UK”, “China”, and other continents, because we are all one. We are all united under one moons beams, under one suns shine. We have no wars since we are all one place on our beautiful, liter and pollution-free Earth. The sun is always prefect temperature in my world, so that no one is getting hypothermia and so that no one is having heat strokes. We all have food of plenty. Nor is their money to buy and sell things with; we all share what we are blessed to have found, made, or received.
Suicides are no more going around, everyone spreads love and helps out the needy and shows them love.
We live as if in a black and white cartoon; color, religion, and how we look does not matter. We all have the same amount of respect for each other, and we all receive the same amount of respect, unless there is a reason for someone not to have a respect from another, but that would never happen as we are all friendly, outgoing, smart people.
In my world, we all have room to try out new talents, go out for new things, talk and make friends with new people, learn new things, and be who we want to be.
We all still have different religions, but no one is getting hurt or slaughtered because of their belief, we all agree to disagree on that one part of life.
Since we share and give care to others without the use of money, we spend our time experiencing and learning new skills and do things that we would like to do without the school shootings, drug busts, and rapists, criminals, and psycho getting in the way of other people.
For the people with autism, aspergers syndrome, cancer, and other medical conditions we will use our planet Earth and other natural resources to help us fight and conquer them. The diseases that take our loved ones will be no more.
When someone grieves for a loss of a person, we all grieve, when someone rejoices over birth we all rejoice. We are all a team; we’re only as strong as our weakest members, but with everyone working together no one will be weak.
You don’t have to worry about people talking about you behind your back because of what you’re wearing, if you have acne, or if you accidentally told a secret, because everyone understands your pain and feelings, and knows how much it would hurt and embarrass them if they were you.
When hard times come up, as they always do, even in the most prefect place, we will all agree to disagree without getting violent or saying unkind words. We all watch our words, and keep in mind that we are all humans, make mistakes and that someone will always have a different opinion than us, and we can not always have everyone on our side, but that does not mean we should get physical or mean about it. We, as always, agree to disagree.
Animals, planets, and our very own planet Earth is treated with as much respect and care as we are; we do not keep what is born in the wild in our cruel captivity, we let it go.
We have technology, but there is no cyber bullying, we all still have respect for each other even though we are not face to face. Technology is a great thing for us, we use to gain and share knowledge. We use it for enjoyment and to fill our days. We use it as a gift, which is exactly what it is.We don’t waste our food, since we don’t have to have it, it is a gift. We don’t slaughter animals for our food since that is unnecessary and unfair to the animal, we eat mostly vegetables, but we will eat meat when, and only when an animal dies of natural causes.In my world, the grass is naturally greener, the sun is sunny, and everything is peaceful <3That’s my vision of a perfect world; a world that we could and should have.
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