I recently (OK, a few minutes ago) finished the novel “Life as we knew it” by Susan Beth Pfeffer. It was one of the most…intense, eye opening, most unique book I have ever read.It’s the first book in a series (I’m going to start reading the send book tomorrow). The first book is basically the beginning of an epidemic. The main character is annoyed because all of the teachers gave them homework somehow moon related and it was, well annoying. So over the weekend everyone is watching out their windows or in the streets waiting for A metier to crash into the moon. But then, when it finally does crash into it (the scientists thought nothing could happen, but like in real life today, most of the world is screwed up. The main characters brother had a bad feeling about the moon from the start. We should have more people like him) and it knocks it a wee bit out of orbit and closer to Earth. Everyone is watching while this is happening. It causes volcanic eruptions, causing unhealthy air which leads to disease and unhealthyness, it causes tidal waves right away because the oceans are controlled by the moon, it causes earthquakes, and so much more. It truly is a scary book, but without the gore and ghosts (if ghosts are even scary to kids these days anymore Razz)…it was scary in the way of knowing that what if it happened to us now? I mean, so many of these parents starved so that their kids could eat a little longer (the electricity went out because of tidal waves and such, causing the food makers to not be able to make any food, and since the air was tinted people couldn’t grow food) then the kids themselves would die. Everyone died if they were near the oceans. If they wern’t most in the cities died because they were closer together so the plauge spread faster, and even if you were not in the cities the plauge came. I didn’t like how it was written though. I think that some descriptions could have been better, but that didn’t really matter much since the intensity of the book made up for some lame chapters. Well, the book has like dates and the main character is writing in her journal, then that gets broken up by chapters. Then that gets broken up into “Winter” and “Summer”.It truly scared me. It could happen. If I was in that position and my mum asked me to give up say two meals a day and only eat one a day so that my little brother could eat two but would have the best chance to survive, would I be able to? Would my parents give up food for me and my little brother? Or would they get rid of me to feed my little brother? Or maybe they would make him give up one for me. Or maybe we’ll all die from the beginning, because in the story volcanos from under ground that no one even knew where there erupted. Maybe there’s one under my house and we never knew it. Would I get killed in the plauge? The thing right now that I mainly care about is my best friend and my computer. If I didn’t have electricity and my best friend got the plauge and died would I be able to go on so that if anything improves there will be one more person for the next generate after the whole epidemic? Woudl i have the strength, courage, and love for the humans that inhabit the Earth to pull forward if everything around me was crashing down? I don’t know. This story really made me think about my life and how lucky I am. I have electricity, food, clean water, a bed, and can stay warm. Hell, in this story the girl does her brothers and family laundry (her mom used to do it, but she broke her ancle during the story) in cold, dingy water in a bucket. I’m lucky.Maybe something like this will happen in 2012.Overall it was an amazing, astonishing, cantputmedown book.I love books like this. The ending was a bit surprising, which I loved and it left you enough to be satisfied with the book, but also wanting more. Like…with cake or pie. You loved it and you would rate it ten stars, but you want more.Yeah…so read it xD This is my mini review on this book ^^Comments are lovely.