Being who I am, I love animals. I hate to see people eating their carcasses, when there’s perfectly good nonliving/nonkilled/nonanimal veggies and other things for people to eat! I personally am a vegetarian and have been one for quite sometime. Now seeing people eating meat, and even thinking about eating it myself makes my stomach hurt…and my heart hurt. Why eat poor animal remains when there are other, perfectly yummy, and perfectly nutritious things to eat?! I know that you’re not the one who killed the animal to get its meat, but seriously, someone had to, and you’re supporting them. My friend’s friend Tara, she’s a vegan. She will not eat anything involving animals or that makes the world look bad. She won’t even eat ice-cream. She believes that we’re all living creatures on this earth that should be able to live. How would you like it if someone shot you for your meat? You wouldn’t be to happy now would you? If the animals could tell us how they feel when their mums get eaten and their babies get taken, I’m sure everyone heart would be breaking and we would all be sorry for what we’re doing. Everything I said above is so biased that it’s not even funny. So I interviewed a carcass eater (xohendyxo=me, Mr.Mage=carcass eater):<blockquote>xohendyxo 1:11 pm
What’s your response to: “you’re eating animals, yes you’re not the one killing them, but you’re supporting the people who do”
Mr. Mage 1:11 pm
Mr. Mage 1:12 pm
Well, my response is that i know this and i am not happy about it. I always wanted to stop killing these animals, but once you have eaten it for all your life like me, it is quite hard to stop. It’s basically like a drug, and now i am very guilty for using it.
xohendyxo 1:12 pm
It’s not impossible though, and you never actually tried to stop, right?
Mr. Mage 1:14 pm
I agree, it’s not impossible. I personally have tried to stop eating meat, but the physical torture of everyone saying things about me and then my own family telling me it was stupid to stop….well then i just decided to continue eating meat so everyone would leave me alone
xohendyxo 1:14 pm
but that’s peer pressure. So you value the opinion of others more than the lives of animals?
Mr. Mage 1:15 pm
not necessarily.
xohendyxo 1:15 pm
you just countered everything you said in the post above mine
Mr. Mage 1:16 pm
Yeah, i know. Listen, i kinda want to be “cool” in the eyes of other people, yeah because i don’t have enough friends as it isSo i guess i do value their opinion more than animals’ lives.
xohendyxo 1:17 pm
I see</blockquote>So basically he agrees with me, but because of peer pressure doesn’t do anything. Maybe if we all saw what we were eating, cute, harmless, animals, there would be no pressure and animals would be spared Sad