Today is Sunday, so I went to church – nothing out of the ordinary. But then I thought. Surprising, right? I know.
Well, I thought about other religions, such as United Unitarianism. I have a friend who is a unitarianist, and you could ask her why she believes what she believes, and she could answer you in a heart beat. She knows exactly why she believes what she believes. Then I thought about me being a Methodist. Why am I Methodist? Why? Simple: Because my parents are. Being completely honest, I have not read the whole bible, only parts and pieces of it. Yes, I didn’t choose Methodist as my religion, it was forced upon me from birth..well these are not my real parents, but I’ve been living with them for quite sometime, so yes, I do call them my parents sometimes, and they did force this religion upon me.
I wish that we did not go to church or study religions until we were old enough and mature enough to figure out, study, read, and research what we feel and believe on the inside. In my current religion, Methodist, we get baptised when we are new, under 12 months old. We don’t have a chance to learn or study, we get brought into the religion because our parents are already in it. But what if we don’t believe in it, and don’t have the same opinions as that religion when we get older? (This is especially true for me, because these are not my real parents are we are complete opposites on almost everything – I’m a rainbow and she’s a tan suit built only for the purpose of an annoying, boring business man.) We are already put, and baptised into that religion, so it makes it seem wrong to leave it when we figure out that religion is not for us.
I have told my parents this many times, and they said to read the bible and figure out my beliefs, I know that I have and it bothers me that she doesn’t see such.
When I tell them, they say why I’m wrong, I counter it, and then they walk away.
I am still forced to go to church every Sunday, even though it is not benefiting me in any way, other than to aggravate me more than usual.
Well, that’s my thoughts on religion for the moment…thanks for reading

<3 Amber