Sad. Yes, sad. School’s almost over. I was happy about it yesterday and before that, but now that I see that tomorrow is the last day of school I am starting to think.I may not see some of my friends until school begins again in September. My friend Caitlyn is moving. :(Although, Alex (My crush <3), Summer (One of my best friends), Denis (I love his name), and me have been planning a Nerd camp out! Yeah, well It’s on Turkey hill, which is not a hill where turkeys crap, lol, I thought that is what it was at first ;p, it’s just a hill we decided to call Turkey hill. And there will not be a campfire, because the next door neighbors have asthma, and there won’t be marshmellows because Alex has Braces (<3). But lol, it’s going to be awesome. Whenever we get together we (the four of us) play truth or dare – it can get very crazy. Very crazy.Well, tomorrow is graduation from Elementry school – next year is Middle school. I’m worried. Very worried. Us nerds, or as we now like to call ourselves ‘freaks’, inspired by our theme song below:

lol.Well, back to what I was saying about me being scared/worried: I’m very worried/scared because us, the freaks/nerds are going to be the ones being shoved into lockers by the jocks and cheerleaders (read previous blog post for info on the social structure). Also, what if I’m not in the same classes as Alex, Summer, or Denis?! We have eight classes next year which also worries me. I can barely keep track of the three I have now! I’m forgetful and clumsy! I have no idea how I’ll keep track of everything next year, but whatever.On the brighter side I have the same bus as my old best friend, Christina. Me and her used to be so close that someone once came up to us and asked if we were gay. Yeah, we were together so much. lol, no we’re not gay ;p XDMy niece came over today. She’s so cute <3 I could watch her for hours.I was hugging my brother for about two hours today. If you wer’nt watching us, all you would have heard was something along the lines of: “Mom, what’s Amber doing? Mom, make Amber stop! Mom!” then my mom answering “Work it out between yourselves you two!”.I don’t know why, I just felt like giving him a bear hug that he couldn’t get out of..for about two hours until I got tired. Oh wait, maybe I do know what inspired me to do that. He freaking deleted all my Mario Kart Wii data. Again. Last time he did it he deleted all my track records, and I only had one more mirror mode-gold race to win until I completed the whole game! He did it again this time, luckily I wasn’t as far as I was last time, but I was still pretty far. Far enough for me to be so pissed at him that if I haden’t been in a good mood when I found out, that I probably would have thrown a rock or something at his head XDIt’s a bit before dinner as I write this, and for those of you (*Looks at Dessie*) who know me well, you know that I’m a bit of a night owl. So that means that I have a lot of time left of this earths rotation before tomorrow arrives. I plan on finishing my Writing station tonight, and my writing station is a comfy chair outlooking a nice window with my note book and a bunch of pens and pensyls so that I can write and complete my novel. I’ve been working on my novel since ’08. It’s epic. it’s romantic. It’s dramtic. It’s real. I’ll post it here (maybe, if I can type that much xD) when I complete it.Today, during free time Alex, Denis, Summer, and I were outside playing recess and I saw a spider on my leg and completely spazzed out. it was funny. If I wasn’t myself I would have been laughing my ass off at my self. Just thought I’d mention todays ‘official reason to laugh at Amber’. ;pWell, thanks a million for reading, because I’m sure you have much better things to do than read my pointless and boring blog xD

<3 Amber