(The following blog post is not affiliated with my 30 day blogging challenge)In school, they’re making us read the book “The 7 habits of highly effective teens”. Lol, I thought it looked like shiz at first; but as I got to the 60th page of it I started to enjoy it. Yet, in one point of the book it says something like “Your friends affect you and have more of an impact on you than your parents or teachers do”. They were basically saying to choose your friends wisely because they have the most effect on you and your choices. I highly agree with this, as I know that if my mom said “Don’t smoke” it would be less effective, and chances are I would start smoking just to piss her off, whereas if my best friend said “Don’t smoke” I wouldn’t smoke because it would make him/her not like me as much.Now, assuming you read the paragraph above and understand what I’m trying to say, I have a question regarding it; if your friends have the most impact on you, then what if you don’t have any friends? Will you be soulless or just be an empty minded person? Or will you be a true you, with no effect of anyone else to effect how you truly are. Is this a bad thing? That you would be yourself with no influence of anyone else?