I realized that I always thought that I talked a lot, when in reality I don’t. I’m mostly thinking to myself in my head, but many times I think that I say things out load when I don’t.
Well, today I was swinging on a nice swing set. I went so high, closed my eyes, and imagined. Just imagined. That’s the only way I can describe it because it was so…mystical…poetic…hard to describe. I don’t know, it was lovely swinging high imagining myself, knowing that people were looking at me and wondering why I was swinging with my eyes closed, but not caring.
Remember yesterday how I said I was going to tell you my thoughts on love? Well here it is, be prepared. Get comfy in your chair. Grab a drink. Turn off the TV. Make your neighbor stop singing badly. Ready now? Good.
What do you think of when you think of love? Hugs, kisses, dreaming of them… It’s an overwhelming emotion, a feeling, a bonding, and an everlasting friendship that will unite you with someone. It’s the most beautiful lilac on the hill, the golden fish in the pond, and the Google Chrome in the sea of IEs (hehe). I do not think that sex is love. It may be a factor of being in love, and a result of it, but I do not think that it is love itself.
A lot of people say teenagers can not be in love, and love at first sight only happens in movies and fantasies. I can clearly see why they think that, but I strongly disagree. As rare as love at first sight must be, I believe it’s real and it does and can happen. And I know for a fact that teenagers can be in love, because I am. A lot of people my age take the words “I love you” and “I hate you” for granted, and throw them around like they’re nothing. I see how strong words like that are, and they do have meaning. A lot of meaning, so many suicides are suicides because of these strong words, and that is just terrible. Love is between you and one special person, you will know who they are when they come, and with no one else. If there are two people you think you love, then one of them is not the right person for you. Hate is something that can happen a lot – but why is there hate? It would be
How do you know when you’re in love? Is it that swelling feeling in your stomach when you talk to them? Is it how you never know what to say to them when you’ve practiced it many times? Is it that feeling that you’re flying when you brush ageist them? Not having to worry about what you look like, because they love you even when you’re in no make up and in sweat pants, and just being yourself when you’re around them, and loving every minute you’re with them would probably be a main factor too.
I do not believe I hate anyone, but I do believe I love someone.
-end-Now, next thing I want to say is something funny that happened when I was on the phone with Alex (my crush).
OK,we were talking about middle school next year, and I said something like “I’m looking forward to it because I’ve always been a bit of a loner in real life, but next year I actually will have friends to talk to -laughs-”
He says something like -stupid sounding fake accent- “Oh, did I forget to tell you that my mom thinks your lisp may be contagious, and she doesn’t want me to sound like an idiot, so I’m not aloud to talk to you anymore.”
-we both burst out laughing-Thanks for reading