Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Well…here’s my attempt at 15 interesting facts about myself; though be warned I’m not a very interesting person in general so these may not be very interesting to you lol.

1. I can write with both my left and right hands ^^
2. I spend more time talking to my online friends than I do to my parents and real life friends combined.
3. I was adopted (the people I live with..arn’t my biological parents)
4. I have a weird obsession to Eminem and can rap over 4 of his songs by heart.
5. I don’t really have good self-esteem admitidely. I don’t know why, it’s not like you can just wake up one day and say “Oh hey i don’t really give a fuck what others think, I’m the most awesomest good freaking girl ever!”. No, things don’t work like that…for me at least. Maybe it’s because my last boyfriend a few years cheated on me, or maybe it’s because I was bullied from pre school to fourth grade. I don’t know *shrugs*
6. I hate people. I seriously do. They lie, kill, cheat, and are basically mean. I guess that’s why I prefer the online world, because then if someone’s being a dick i can just click “block” or close the tab; if only we could do that in real life.
7. I’m terrible with procrastinating. Haha, this summer I had a reading project and didn’t even read the book until the night before the first day of school (I was up until 3 a.m. doing it xD). I keep telling myself that I’ll get more ideas or whatever for it today and do it tomorrow…but then I say that the next day and the day after that…
8. I completely love to read. It’s so fun for me to be able to pretend I’m in someone elses life, someone elses story instead of my own. This really works well when I’m in a bad mood or someone pisses me off too ^^
9. I like to just stare at people sometimes. I have a weird facination with people, how they look, and how they think. I think it would be interesting to be able to know what they’re thinking like deep inside.Not what they just say outloud because that doesn’t really count for much, but what they are seriously thinking inside of them.
10. I curse…a lot. I try not to but it’s kind of rubbed off on me from listening to Eminem so much xD
11. I’m a vegetarian. Yupp. I plan on going vegan by 2013. I do it because I think it’s so wrong to kill animals just so that we can get a quick meal that will make us fatter than we already are. Has anyone else ever pictured how it would be if one day when you were in your nest or cave or whatever and something big came in and shot your mommy and daddy, leaving you there to starve? You should and it may change what you think next time you pick up an animal carcass to eat.
12. I am deathly afraid of ostriches because when I was like five at a zoo I couldn’t read so I didn’t bother looking at the “don’t stick fingers inside cage” sign at the ostrich cage..and stuck my finger in it’s cage and it bit me. Oddly I have a blue ostrich puppet that I refuse to look at inside my bedroom that my brother put in to torment me.
13. I love the word “anathema”. I use it as my username on a lot of forums. It used to mean to be an offering to the gods but in todays date is typically used to mean “hated”. I just love the word so much.
14. I hate it when people are similar to me. Or they try to be like me purposly, it just rubs me in the wrong way. I try to be original, yet it bothers me that that is nearly always impossible.