Yes, gym class should be an elective! Why? Because while I struggle to get out of my “anti social” nature and enjoy regular class, right after I get plagued with gym class. Oh, yes. Gym class is basically where all the jocks and bossy/cheerleader girls (I don’t let that get to me, they’re all going to be working for me one day mwhahahhaha yay for brains but lack of certain physical abilities Very Happy)yell at you for not catching a ball, throw balls at you and laugh, and basically beat you and must feel accomplished with themselves (when really, anyone can kick people like mes ass, so what have you really accomplished). And then, when you’re playing a zone game that everyone has to participate in (no, you don’t get a choice) the person could throw it to you when you’re five feet away from the goal and could score, but have a 70% chance of dropping it (since, you are well…you), or they could throw it to the person across the room who they probably won’t be able to get it to because it could be intercepted half way there, but that person has a 90% chance of catching it iff it doesn’t get intercepted.>.>Anywho, I think that gym class should totally be an elective, I know that would be great for me. Your thoughts?