Today I was in the river (I live near an amazing river), floating down it wasting the day away, thinking of things that I like to think about but don’t get enough time for those thoughts.Why do humans feel the need to achieve success? I’ve always pondered as to why we feel the need to do things. Foruming for example, why do certain webmasters make forums just to say ‘I have a successful forum’ ect.? drives us, what instinct in us makes us want to do that. The same goes for life; what makes us wake up everyday, what makes us achieve the break thoughts in technology (ect.), what makes us want to do that? I have no answer nor opinions on this, so if you have any feel free to comment them below ;)Another thing I’ve been thinking about is the word ‘impossible’. Is anything really ‘impossibly’? I’m not sure. One part of me says;Anything is possible, work hard and you can achieve anything, and anything can always happen.the other part of me says;Yeah, Obama will come to my house asking for cheese on Tuesday. Did I mention I have a pet unicorn? *rolls eyes*
I’m still thinking about the items mentioned above…until next time~XPaint the SkyX♥(PS. Sorry for posting such a boring/bad blog post…I feel extra crappy today, so it must show in this post. I’ll make it up to yous tomorrow♥)