Here’s a new story I wrote ^.^ Enjoy.“Look, you can see a seagull!” James pointed out the window over the sunset.
“Thanks, I’ve never seen a sea gull before.” Jade rolled her eyes, getting testy after being in the car for hours.
“I can see James beach all ready! There’s my beach, see they named it after me! You’re jealous, De that they named a beach after me” James said, smiling at Jade
“No I‘m not, and it’s not named after you! They named it after the founder – durr” Jade countered, “and yeah, well, I’m excited for vacation, but you don’t see me saying ‘Are we there yet?!’ in a stupid babyish voice for three hours straight!” Jade snapped. Why couldn’t I be an only child? Why did my parents have to have that much fun after I was born, couldn’t they just have spent that time taking care of me?
“honey, it just got a little bit repetitive after the first ten minutes…” Mom said to James, sounding exhausted.
“Why don’t you try talking about what we can do at the beach?” Dad suggested. Jade rolled her sparkling eyes.
“We can swim, catch fishies, annoy old people there, and see De in her ugly swimsuit-”
“Yo!” Jade complained. Dad laughed, but luckily mom just sighed.
“-and go win games at the board walk, annoy old people on the board walk, collect sea shells, and-”
“FYI, James, my bikini is NOT ugly!”
“-and ignore De, and pretend to laugh at Dad’s corny jokes, ditch mom and dad when they try to put to much sun screen on us, and meet cute girl- uh… make some new lasting friends…”
De laughed along with the rest of the family this time, but she was still slightly annoyed at James. Jade pulled her lime green headphones up to her ears and turned on one of Eminems recovery album songs at max, laid her head back, and whispered whatta dolt before drifting asleep.—The car pulled up in the driveway of their summer home and everyone quickly stepped out. As Mom and Dad unpacked the suitcases and James grabbed the surfboards from the roof and headed up to his summer room, and Jade immediately ran to their neighbor’s house and called in “Guess who?”.
A girl with long dirty blonde hair and amazingly tan skin opened the door, unsmiling until she saw Jade then she broke into a huge grin.
“De!” she girlishly squealed, then gave Jade a giant bear hug. “Ohmigosh, I missed you so much, De!” she said after she had released her.
“I missed you too, Megs!” Jade said, although the person she had missed even more was nowhere to be seen.
“Where’s Dar?” De asked, trying not to sound too interested.
“At the beach. He told me to meet him there with you when you got here.” Meg said.
“Okay, I’ll go get ready!” De said, running back to her yard.
Jade’s suitcase wasn’t in the driveway, so she ran right up to her room.
Jade liked her summer house room even more then she liked her room back home. It had a mural of the beach at sunset covering the walls. De loved looking at the mural – the orangey-pink sky, the pinkish purple clouds, the brilliant golden sun peeking over the horizon. The waves crashing over the empty beach, white foam at the tips. The lone seagull flying off into the distance…
Only a truley brilliant artist could capture the beauty of the beach at sundown, and Darren’s mural did just that. His name was signed beautiful script in a corner. De let out a dreamy sigh, reminiscing old memories that this room held; when Darren painted the room for her, hours of truth or dare, watching sunsets…
“Better hurry, Meg’s getting kinda’ impatient!” James called, barging into De’s room, and intruding on her thoughts. Then he just ran back outside, slamming the bedroom door behind him, turning a picture of Darren, Meg, and Jade crooked.
De quickly un-zippered her suitcase and found her bikini. She slipped off her clothes and put the bathing suit on, catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror on the back of the door as she did so.
Jade grinned with satisfaction. The bikini jet black with a rose entwining itself up the right side of her right breast, completely fitting her body and bringing out her pale skin. Jade smiled, for the first time in such a long time she could honestly say she felt sexy, she never could at home, it was a sin to think about yourself according to Jades parents.. Jade grabbed her black soft beach towel, quickly straightened the frame, and ran downstairs.
Meg was tapping her foot impatiently, holding both her and Jades’ surfboards under her arm. When she caught sight of De, she smiled, making her large dimple pop out.
“Haha, if you wern’t going to be going into the water I’d make you take it off so you don’t catch on fire!” she said, complimenting Jades’ bathing suit.
“I like yours, too.” Jade laughed. Meg was wearing a pink suit with small bubbles all over it, fitting her bubbly personality perfectly, but looking a little childish compared to Jades suit, but still very pretty.
“I know I’m a ten.” Meg joked, dropping the surfboards and striking a model pose that they had seen in a magazine last year, they had been making fun of it since last year because of how stupid it looked when one of them tried to do it. De laughed and picked up her surfboard.—It was close to midnight, and Meg, Jade, James, and Darren were laying on a beach blanket together, having sand run through their hands and softly chatting with each other, though there was nothing much to say.
“Dar, tell us why you brought us here already!” Meg demanded, giving her brother a playful push, but half of her immensely curious.
“Yea Fare, fell off!” James agreed, his mouth full of hot dog.
De said nothing, simply stared at Darren’s beautiful black eyes that were reflecting off the nights ocean, giving him a mysterious look.
“Alright, I’ll tell you.” he finally agreed. The other three teenagers all stared at him, waiting.
“So, tell us, like, now!” Meghan exclaimed impatiently.
Darren smiled. “Tonight, a shooting star’s going to pass over James beach. In just a minute or two, actually. I wanted to keep you guys out here so we could all make a wish on the star.” Darren explained.
Meghan snorted. “That’s stupid. You wish won’t come true, it’s all just make believe, making a stupid wish isn’t going to effect anything, think logically with science smart one. I’m gonna go surf.” Meghan stood up winking, with sass dripping off her words, then grabbed her pink surfboard, and ran back into the unsettled ocean. James nodded apologetically toward Darren, but still followed her out to the water.
He looked a little upset, but his face quickly brightened when he realized that Jade was still sitting next to him, and wasn’t going to go out surfing with Meg.
“You’re not going with them?”
“No.” De said with a slight smile. “I still believe in magic.”
“Hey, I think something’s going on between Jem and Meg, eh?” Darren said, and we both burst out laughing as we saw Jem and Meg both get knocked off their boards at the same time, then get pulled into the water.
Darren smiled. “Great. Do you know what you’re gonna wish for? I do.”
Jade shook her head. “No idea.” she said, although she knew exactly what she wanted to wish for, even though she knew a mere wish of a moving star couldn’t make it happen.
Suddenly, a cry rose up from somewhere in the crowd waiting on James Beach to see the shooting star. “There it is!” someone shouted out, pointing towards the sky.
A brilliant, white, glowing ball of light was streaking across the sky from behind the beach, lighting up the sky. Everyone craned their heads up to watch the star pass by.
Jade clasped her hands together and silently sent her wish up to the stars.
A minute later, the star was gone, beyond the horizon, just like the glowing sun in Darren’s mural.
It took De a minute to realize Darrens hand had hers in it. She uttered a small gasp when she looked down and saw.
“You wanna know what I wished for, De?” Darren asked, smiling. His big black eyes were staring deep into De’s sea green ones.
“W..what?” De asked, a mixture of excitement and butterflies bubbling up inside of her. Darren gently brushed her black hair out of her face and softly whispered, “I Wished for you”
Turning a scarlet, and barley breathing she breathed to him, “I wished for you.”
“I guess wishes can come true.”[/font] he purred, wrapping his arm around her bare shoulders as they watched the nighttime stars twinkle above them.♥