Eh, writers block…writing an essay…writing a report…writing a reply…role playing…writing a story…it’s all can accumulate someones writers block some time.For instance, today I was replying to a fantasy role play (it’s going great so far, I’m very into it.). As you may assume by the title and supposed topic of this post, I got writers block after one of my role playing partners posts. So what did you do about my writers block, Amber? thank you for asking Wink I have listed (or to make myself feel good, I will call it my writers block “guide”) below.

  • Zzzz…when napping you could get a helpful dream.

As you know, when you fall asleep you have a chance to dream; you could get a great and helpful dream on what to write about! It also just could refresh your mind.

  • Call…IM…talk to someone!

You never know, sometimes inspiration comes at random – or unwanted times. Call your best friend! Go visit your classmate and start a little conversation and something may come to you – maybe if you talk to your friend/whoever about what you have to write they will come up with something. Talking about what you’re writing with someone can help a lot too, it helps you work things out.

  • Start or write in a journal!

Hey, like I said above, sometimes talking things out helps! Well…in this case you’re basically talking to yourself unless you want to pretend that your journal or notepad is capable of thinking…

  • Go outside!

Spin in circles, watch the moon, climb a tree, swim! Fresh air may not look strong, but it can have a strong impact on your imagination!

  • write a review for a movie or book!

Writing other things can help clear your mind of the thing you have writers block on and onto writing that new thing. Then when you go back to writing whatever you have writers block with you’ll have some fresh ideas.

  • Write a review for a fake movie or book (100 Things Your Reptile Wants to Say by Liz Ard and illustrations by Alli Gator.)

Imaginations are not meant to be cooped up – release it! Let it run wild, thinking up some pros and cons for an imaginary movie about some weird thing!

  • Role playing helps!

Get into role-playing, and it will further develop your writing, grammar, spelling, and overall typing skills…and your imagination (I talk about imagination a lot don’t I? That just shows how important it is.).

  • Listen to music

Listening to your favorite music is relaxing…take a step away from writing, let your fingers and brain take a break and just chill out to some music.

  • Watch a movie

Take a break, and have a good laugh…a good scream…depending on what you watch ^.^

  • Read a book

Not copying, but reading someone elses writings can and could give you some helpful or interesting ideas.

  • Nom nom nom…eat

Honestly, when I have writers block I go and get some chocolate ice-cream…yumm. For some reason it helps me think – I’m not exactly sure why.

  • Draw a picture

Draw a picture of what you already have done, and something new may come to you by you goofing up and making a unnecessary smudge or something that could turn into an important character of what you’re writing.

  • Think up new acronyms!

Thinking up new acronyms is so much fun, some wouldn’t believe. Try it – put your hand on the keyboard and push some random buttons, then think up words for them!

  • Stare at a wall!

Have you ever tried staring at a wall for an extended period of time? it gets quite boring. imagine things on the wall, let it be your canvas of ideas.There is so much more you could do ~ but I hope these helped you a wee bit.