A few moments ago I finished the book “I heart you, you haunt me” by Lisa Schroeder. I would give it a 4/5 stars.

I absolutely love how it’s written –
in a poetic
stanza like
type of writing
that made it more interesting
and poetical.

In most books they have parts that make you laugh, cry, ect. but in this one it was mostly cry. It was a very very sad book, which normally doesn’t and wouldn’t appeal to me..but this one did.
I heart you, you heart me is basically about a girl named Ava who dares her boyfriend, Jackson, of who she has been in love with since they met and have clicked since. Ava dares him to jump into a lake or river from a high point, at their school graduation party. He does it, as Jackson’s a risk taker. At the last possible moment Ava shouts “stop!” realizing how dangerous it was, but it was too late. He was found dead in the water; no one did hear his head off the rock. But he is not gone, he’s in her mirrors and with her all the time. At first she’s glad that her love is still with her. At first she even wonders if she can lose her virginity to a ghost, and dances with her ghost lover, but then realizes that isn’t how she wants to live; constrained to a ghost boyfriend and never actually living. Ava meets a boy named Lyric on a beach with his dog, and finds out that the mysterious guy that her friend Calli had a crush on is him, but can’t help but have a small crush on him despite the fact of her still-with-her boyfriend and best friend. She starts going out more, and makes it to the place of where her boyfriend died, but can’t stay and goes home. Lyric takes her there. She realizes that she can’t take it with him still with her as a ghost, and he learns to let go of her and doesn’t want her to feel the guilt that she’s been feeling as if it’s her fault that he died. They let each other go, and Ava tells Lyric to go call Calli instead of taking him for herself which it seemed like she would do.

Now, my thoughts are “wow”. I’m going to be honest, I did cry at multiple times. Some of which are when she’s describing when he died and she rushed in to the water and found him dead..another time when they let each other go. It made me wish I had a love that strong, or someone had one that strong for me. Then again, I can’t really see anything to myself that makes myself special to someone. If I was male I wouldn’t give myself a second glance. Lets take a minute to be honest, Anathema is a just-below-average looking girl with average grades, average friends, and an average mind. But I guess that can’t stop me from hoping that one day I’ll love someone that much and they’ll return it..
Anyway, I think that if they expanded the beginning and end of the book it would be great. The beginning and end are just about the only fault I can find with the book. See, I think that they should have described when he got killed and when they let each other go, and the ending more to make it more..romantic and..beautiful.