Wow. I seriously can not believe that the month of September has slipped through so fast. Halloween is fast approaching, as is 2011 and many other things (including my Birthday *hint*). I feel like I’ve matured a lot from this time last year. I know that I get a little more mature each year, and that years pass quickly..but I just don’t remember feeling so nostalgicabout the past in previous years when I pondered the months and years passing.

Speaking of Halloween, should I dress as something this year? :P I didn’t last year, simply because I feel stupid doing it. A lot of my peers have stopped dressing up for halloween because it’s “Childish” and “Stupid”. But really, isn’t that just making us grow up to fast? I know many people who don’t stop trick-or-treating/dressing for halloween until they are about 18. I mean, I respect others decision not to dress for halloween, but really, why call it childish? I mean, it’s a fun little tradition that the people do on October 30th.

Guess what? Last night I got Eminems Relapse and Curtain call albums..I’d tell you more, but this is a blog. Not a diary. There is a difference. And the few reading this probably wouldn’t care about it anyway.