Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them

This seriously is a hard one. Did you know that the name “Amber” is one of the few names that doesn’t have people using many nicknames with it?

Well, back to the topic, I am called Froliene Lotte Funfgorg in German class because we all had to pick german names.. “Froliene” is “Ms” (It’s probably spelled wrong, I know.), and “Lotte” is pronounced “Lotta”, and “Funfgorg” is my German last name, which is pronounced “Funf-gurg”.

I used to be called Gums for no reason in particular.

And now in the current and last grades that I’ve been in people have called be “Anathema” (pronounced ana-tha-ma) for a few reasons…but yeah. I guess those are my nicknames :)