Currently I’m sitting at the end of my couch with my little Acer on my lap. My little brother is seated next to me blowing up a police officer. No, really. On our familys’ PS3 that is. It seems like I can’t walk five feet in my schools hallway without overhearing two boys discussing what happened on Halo or Cod or whatever last night. So I’m wondering, what really is the appeal of video games to people?

At the moment the only video games that ever appealed to me were James Bond ones, Mario kart, and one other of whose name I can not remember.
But really, why do people these days like video games so much? I know that one of the reasons that I like the computer is because it’s like I’m in a different world..but then I though of this; in real life we all know that there are some bone heads who annoy us to death, or are just a general pain in the ass. You can’t kill or hurt them physically (well you can..but it would involve a very guilty conscience and some prison for you), so maybe we like violent video games because we’re taking our anger out on someone but with no penalty.

The logical part of me wants to come up for a good explanation as to why people like video games like “It’s fun” or “half of Americas teenage population are obese and have no they play video games which requires no physical skills”. But, honestly, the most logical thing that comes up in mind is that the American population likes bloody games because they are bloody. The person holding the controller has a life to live and people to interact with. They can’t go around destroying cop cars and burning buildings, or stabbing people because it’s not socially acceptable..or morally for that matter. I’m not going to turn this into the whole “Do violent video games make children more violent” debate (I’ll save that for another day – but I will say this; I do not believe that violent video games mike children more violent. Even though if you’re around a Muslim family and religion all your life, chances are that you’re more likely to become a Muslim or adapt to their customs and ways. The same principle for violent video games. But then it’s really depending on how influenced the child individually is by its surroundings and how easily his/her mind is to be persuaded from thinking that shooting ect. is not OK to thinking that it is OK.) but are humans really so angry that they must sit at a video game for hours doing nothing but shooting, killing, driving, ect.?

Then, there’s the whole idea that video games like Halo and MW2 feel empowering to play. Almost like killing a virtual, pixelized character feels like actually drawing blood from a real person, even though the person holding the controller remains unharmed. This explanation really makes a lot of sense to me. As it seems to draw parallels to the bullying in real life. And…I know how nice it feels to get a kill from the amazing total of four times that I’ve ever played one of this extremely violent video game.