In a story, forum, blog, or general conversation you will often hear emphasized words. It absolutely drives me crazy when people don’t italicize words online, or bold them or something to tip you off that if you were talking in real life they would have been hinting toward that word. You may not notice it, but even you yourself emphasize words when having a general conversation with someone, whether it be saying something a little differently, louder, or longer.

When typing the emphasized word is typically italicized, bolded, or underlined. O find it interesting how many people just don’t realize what an effect emphasizing a word can do to your sentence, and what your sentence means. Here’s an example::

I love Gobstoppers.

No emphasis on the sentence at all. Just a normal run-of-the-day sentence.

I love Gobstoppers

I love Gobstoppers – not you! Using italics on the “I” is putting more emphasis on the fact that you yourself love the Gobstoppers.

I love Gobstoppers

They are the burning center of my life. I cannot live without them. I love them. italicizing the “love” is putting emphasis on the fact that you like them a lot. It’s putting out there more that you like them a lot.

I love Gobstoppers

I love Gobstoppers – not fruit pebbles or candy bars – just Gobstoppers! italicizing the “Gobstoppers” is putting more emphasis on the fact that you mean that you like Gobstoppers, not books, not milk, not music. Gobstoppers.

In your writing (whether blogging, forum posting, role-playing, or writing a story) it can be very important in dialogue since they can’t hear how you want the characters (or yourself) to come across as.

Think of it like this:

I’m a girl who hates Eminem. I say to my friend:

I love Eminem.

Notice how there are no italics in the sentence. The author did not want her to come across as if she likes Eminem, because as I said before she does not like Eminem. It should be:

I love Eminem.

Because then that comes across as if she’s being sarcastic and didn’t mean it – which in this case is how it’s meant to come out.

So, what did we learn today kids? Italics are fun important in writing!

Thanks for reading,