Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else

This is really the hardest one so far. There will always be someone better at me in writing, blogging, foruming, reading, field hockey, looks, intellegence, and virtually anything else. So why bother trying new things, or thinking of new things when someone else had to think or do it before I did?

On the positive note: I think that I think about things in a unique way, different from everyone else and that makes me unique. I think that I am more mature than many people my age, and think and know things that many people that are my age would not.

I think that I realize something; there’s always going to be someone better at me at everything. There’s always going to be someone more pretty and more smart than me (remember me saying that like two minutes ago?). And so many people try to be the best – but I don’t. And I think that makes me unique. My life motto so far as mostly been “Draw a line — and live above it”. I try to do my best, not be the best, as that would be almost, to nearly impossible.