I seriously hope that today is Tuesday. I keep forgetting what day of the week it is – I’m pretty sure that Tuesday is today because..I just have a feeling that it is – but if it’s not then appologies!

And as for this first TT..I have no idea why I wrote in third person. I absolutely completely and fully hate writing in third person. Yet I did. Maybe that’s why it came out so crappy..


Crisp nighttime air nipped at Gwennith Lees’ nose while cold, clear water gently touched her toes; having the same effect. The woods nearby howled in the October winds, the Indian moon poking out right above in the mid of a cluster of bright stars.
“Night owl, eh?” Austin whispered to her in the darkness, startling her for a brief moment.
“Just enjoying the lovely sky and lake” Gwen said formally, as she tends to do with everything. A bad habbit that haunted her words since she was a kiddie-schooler.
“Wanna’ come for a walk? I know a nice trail in the woods” he offered her his hand to help her up, waiting for her to accept his offer.
“No thank you, I should be getting to bed soon anyway; the camp director said he had a special activity early tomorrow.” she declined him, not only for that reason. She knew that it wouldn’t be right to go out with him alone in the woods.
“Come on, I know a great place to look’et the stars.” he attempted to persuade her.
“Fine, but not long. If I sleep late again..” she started, but he took her hand she she stopped her words. Gently slipping on her black, red speckled flip flops without a word, she went along. Gwen had never been in the woods other than the few hikes that her camp group had taken last week.
Last week, the first week of summer, Gwens’ parents had sent her to Camp Blackwater for the summer. Gwen had isolated herself and barely eaten for days, trying to force her parents to let her stay home with her friends for the summer. her parents mind were not to be suaded though, they made her go, claiming that “it would be a good experience for you to go and get some fresh air this summer”. That’s when Gwen had met Austin.

Her cabin being preschosen by the camp directors, she had landed in a bunk with what would soon be her best friend, Emily. Who also happened to be Austins boyfriend of three years. Many people at the camp considered them practically married..

“Come out here often?” Austin asked, pushing her out of her thoughts.

“No..” she lied though her teeth, and the furrow of her brow gave it away.

Ignoring that, Austin leaned in and whispered “See that star up there, right next to the moon?”

To be continued some future teaser Tuesday ;)

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