Let’s play this hypothetical game.

Lets say that I’m suicidal. I kill myself some how. Let’s pretend that the Christianity religion is correct and there is a Heaven and a Hell. In Heaven there’s a God and a perfect place, and in Hell there is Satin and a hell with him. You just killed yourself – sinned, and you go to hell.

What really was the point of that? Assuming there is an afterlife and you just killed yourself being you were tired of life, couldn’t handle life, or something tragic happened, then you’re just going to be tortured assuming more than you were on Earth. So, let’s review

  • You just killed yourself assuming in a semi painful way
  • You just left people who love you on Earth (assuming you had some would tried to reach out to you, and you denied)
  • You’re now going to get tutored by Satin for the rest of eternity.

So, was killing yourself worth it? No. So A) deal with what’s happening in life right now B) Kill yourself and go somewhere worse.

B is obviously best [/sarcasm]

But on the serious note, please don’t kill yourself. Yeah, everyone goes through depression, a loss, losses their job, gets bullied or something bad at sometime in their life. But remember, there’s always someone you loves you. If you think there’s not, then go to a church, or whatever your religion calls it. Join a club. Or anything. Just remember…don’t kill yourself, I beg you. You’ll regret when Satin pokes your eyes with needles, feeds you baby shit, and then sings you corny Disney channel songs.

Oh gosh, did I really just write a motivational post? I think I did.