Cold hearted that is. Isn’t that sad? Oh wait…you don’t even know what I’m talking about yet.

My grandfather died this morning. (I call him George) I haven’t cried all day. I haven’t even thought about it. And we were close too. I don’t know why, normally I’m ready to cry at the drop of a hat, but it’s like right now…I just can’t. This is the first really close to home death I’ve ever experienced. And I know more are coming.

I’m going to his funeral – I can’t remember exactly when it is. This is also the first funeral I’ll be going too. I know I’ll like burst out crying at the worst time possible at the funeral, that’s just how my luck goes.

I’m heart is hurting but I can’t express it. It’s so queer..but may as well get used to it since soon my parents, close friends, and relatives will all die – along with myself.

Speaking of death, I have been having some very deep thoughts on that (before he died..the timing is ironic) matter. I’d like to share them with you lovely people who read my blog – but I’m just not with it today. My mind is physically exhausted and my heart is the same..