Day 26- What you think about your friends

I absolutely hate them. They suck. Pssshh I call them ‘friends’ for a reason. If I did not like them closely I wouldn’t call them friends, no? Regardless, I have some amazing friends.

My two closest friends are Alex and Christina. Christina is a cheerleader who wants to be an actress, very smart, computer illiterate, enjoys Eminem, and can be very dramatic at random times. We’ve been best friends since third grade when our teacher made us sit next to each other…a bit of drama (her current best friend got jelous because we were becoming best friends, and all that fun girlish-elementry school-crap. But yeah, we’ve been really really really close since, and we plan to be for awhile (I’d say forever, but I know that unexpected things can happen ie. one of us dies)

Alex was adopted (which kind of makes me like him more because not many people have the same background as me..), wants to be a directer or something like that, loves ToyBox (a band – google it), makes amazing videos, and is a bit of a weirdo (in the lovable way). We’ve been friends since sixth grade when one of my not-so-close friends introduced us to each other. We found we have a lot in commen regarding interests, and can always find a way to make each other laugh..and have been friends since.