I feel like I’ve been preaching my thoughts on abortion over and over on various debate forums.

Lets pretend I’m Christian – abortion would be completely wrong because in the ten commandments it says “thou shall not kill”. So there’s one reason. And..it’s just morally wrong to take an innocent childs life because you’re too lazy to take care of it or whatever. Yes, yes the mother is giving birth to it, so she should have the final decision as to if she gives birth or not..but if it’s purely because she doesn’t want to deal with a baby should it be legal? If it’s because she was raped and doesn’t want to be reminded of it is it right? If she’s under 17 and had a baby should it be legal?
Although, there are some common questions regarding where I stand with abortion::

What if they are pregnant at a young age and wouldn’t be able to take care of it?
They got pregnant, they should know what would happen. If they were mature enough to have intercourse then they should be mature enough to take care of it – they should have realized that it would basically destroy their teen years. They can give it up to adoption as an alternative to abortion. Coming from foster care, I know that it is not a bad company and will do a good job finding the baby a home. They have their faults but let’s be real here; who doesn’t?

What if the woman was raped and became pregnant and didn’t want it?
I realize that the baby would be a constant reminder of what happened, which would be terrible for the woman but like I said before, foster care is not a bad company. Instead of abortion they could give it to a friend or family member to take care of until she’s ready..or just give it up to adoption. Anything is better than killing an innocent soul.

What if the baby would come out with a terrible medical problem that would put it in pain for the rest of his/her life?
This is a flip of the coin. In the baby’s life they could find a cure for whatever it is..or the baby could go through a life of pain and suffering. I still think it’s worth the risk of pain. The baby shouldn’t die because of what it’s born with – it should have a chance at life. And what if the doctors are wrong and the baby has no problems? You would have killed a lovely baby for absolutely no reason what-so-ever.

What if the mom didn’t abort and then both of them would die and they can see this?
This is honestly the only reason I see that abortion is humane. See, which is better
A) 1 person dying
B) 2 people dying
Obviously A. If the mother didn’t abort and the turn out would be both of them dying then it would be fine to abort – it would be too hard on the family and husband to who two loved ones die at once.