It’s always…triggered my mind as to how people manage to believe in something that they cannot see nor hear – ie. God from the Christianity religion. It’s always made me wonder how people can completely dedicate themselves to something..abstract with no physical form other than objects associated with it (ie. Bible in the Christianity religion). Faith or susceptibility of the human mind? I have no idea.
What intrigues me about Buddhism is that it isn’t a “Worship this, don’t say this, don’t do this” kind of thing. It’s more of a “act this way, live this way, think about this” kind of thing. From my interpretation, the Buddha is not meant to be idolized the way that Jesus Christ or God is – but is meant to be a role model for your life. So basically if you act how the Buddha says to you’ll have a life of virtue or a “good life” and the Buddha provides a perfect example of how to live your life.

In Buddhism you’re supposed to follow the “Eightfold path”. Which, unlike the ten commandments is like…a set of guidelines, not rules for your life.  The Eightfold includes “Right speech..right actions..right contemplation” and they can be interpreteded many different ways depending on that indevidual Buddhist. Being a particularly thoughtful and curious person, this would be very nice to be able to interpret the guide of my life for myself instead of plainly having someone say what to or not to do. Instead I would be able to tell my self, for example what is right speech and right actions. I love this part of Buddhism. It allows room for freedom and perspective.

This doesn’t mean that I disagree with Christianity though; some people would rather have it plainly laid out how they should live their life. They would like to have someone control their life and how they live it. I am not saying this to diss or be rude to the religion – I love the religion and have grown up with it since I was three. I just mean, that I find other aspects of different religions to be right..and more agreeable in my opinion.