“Intelligent girls are more depressed because they know what the world is really like.”

– Opheliac, Emilie Autumn

Isn’t that an interesting quote? I love quotes, they’re like little bundles of joy that you can whip out whenever the time is appropriate. I’ll have to make a page or post sometime with my favorite quotes on it. Regardless, I think that quote itself interesting because it’s kind of implying that there’s something wrong or bad with the world and that you can only see it if you’re intelligent enough to notice it (and happen to be a girl..but I don’t think that it is intended to imply that).

“What the world is really like” – I wonder what that is. Thank gosh I’m not an intelligent girl, I don’t think I would want to know. That doesn’t mean I can’t ponder theories of what she’s saying though. Since she says “are more depressed” obviously means that the world ‘is really’ saddening/generally bad. I think she’s trying to say that not everyone can see it – but if you’re intelligent then you may be able to see how wrong the world currently is. I mean, look at amazing musicians right now. Do all of them get famous, even if they work hard their whole life and have great talent? No, because now-in-days a lot of it is just the glitter on their shoes.

I wonder why she says “intelligent girls”. Girls. Implying that males cannot be  intelligent enough to see “what the world is really like”? I think that could be taken as a sexist comment. If you happen to be looking for things to title ‘sexist’, that is.