Day 30- Who are you?

Whew, the magical day thirty. The final day of this thirty day challenge. Thank..gosh? Ugh I can’t find an appropriate expression because of my current religious feelings.

Anyway, I am..Anathema. I am Amber. I am a writer. I am a field hockey goalie. I am a blogger. I am a friend. I am a sister. I am a forumer. I am a webmaster. I am a reader. I am an Aquarian I am a daughter. I am an Eminem fanatic. I am…me.

I am Amber Leigh H, who loves animals, dislikes loud people, and prefers being on the computer to texting (barely knows how to for that matter). I love make-up, but dislike spending time on my hair, strongly enjoy herbal teas and carbonated drinks, and love to read poetry. I am a huge fan of Emilie Autumn and Edgar Allen Poe. That’s basically me.

Now we may all breathe a sign of relief and say..the thirty day challenge is over.