I think it’s so interesting, what some people do while writing, reading, or just in general. Habits. In a way they kind of make the person who they are. For example, if you constantly bite your finger nails..chances are you’ll never be a hand model. If enjoy murdering or lighting fires in your spare time then you may end up to be a murderer or an arsonist. Who knows?

Personally, when I proof read what I’ve written (story, poetry, ect.) I tend to read it aloud in a British accent. OK, this one is a bit more unique than the “biting finger nails” type habit..but I love my readers/blog so I’ll be completely honest. When I was little I had the image in mind that a classic writer was a middle-aged Brit with a flat and more computers than he’ll ever need. Naturally, when reading my stories out load I tend to slip into an awfully inaccurate British accent.  This happens quite a bit when I’m reading an essay in school or something – which, of course gets the people I’m reading to laughing…but I can’t help it. I’ve been trying to break myself of this habit for a few years.

I can’t write unless I have tea or a carbonated drink in hand or ready for my use nearby. I really can’t. I use up energy (’tis my theory at least) while writing, and tea and carbonated, caffeine-filled drinks boost me back up. Also, it really bothers me (as I’m sure it does many) when my mouth is dry – and if I’m irritated or thirsty while trying to write…it won’t come out.

Most of my writing ideas happen during sixth period math. Think I’m kidding? Look at my math grade. My writing ideas, plots, characters, and such only come to me when I’m supposed to be thinking about something else (potentially important) or have nothing to write with nearby.

My friend, Chris has a habit where he constantly moves his tongue (inside and outside of his mouth). It looks really odd, but he does and it doesn’t look like he’s going to change that any time soon.