First off, yes, I know that today is Wednesday. But, I had little-no time to get it in yesterday…so I am typing and posting my teaser Tuesday right now (as you may or may not have guessed from the title).

Anyway, here it goes (remember, teaser Tuesdays are unedited free writes, so yeah)

“Just promise me one thing..before I go” Gently taking Avas’ hands in mine I stared into her beautiful hazel eyes. It was all I have left. She was all I had left.


“I know my time’s up. You know, Pa knows, heck, even Larry knows!” I threw up my hands up in a joking sort of way and giggled along with Ava.

“But, we don’t know that. There are cases every day where someone can get cured from the cancer by luck or magic. Don’t you believe in magic?”

“I..” I started to say, but she hushed me with a finger to my lips.

“You know, I hear sometimes…that someone can be enough love to cancel out the desiese and run it out.” Ava s’ forehead was suddenly against mine. Our hands entwined on our lap, she breathed “I think we should try that – for purely scientific purposes”, grinning impishly there was suddenly no more space between our lips.

Just a simple love scene – my favorites. I title it “title”. I was feeling creative with the names tonight.

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