Fist off, let me just say that today I had a whole blog post topic planned out that I wanted to write about..then I got a progress report back from school in creative writing/English class. Normally I would create a new post about what I was planning to write along with this post right here, but I recently received a review stating that posting to many times a day may be to much for the readers, and to try to keep it to one-two posts a day. I request reviews to feel better about myself to get some good critique on my site, and gosh darnnit I will use that useful critique ;)

Back to the blog post..I got a sixty percent (F+). here are some comments from the teacher on my writing:

No apparent point or evidence of a specific topic.

Limited content with adequate elaboration or explanation.

Confused or inconsistent arrangement of content with or without attempts at transition.

Generic use of a variety of words and sentence structures that may or may not create writers voice and tone appropriate to audience

I write how I write. I have a point. I have content. I have voice. Giving me a bad grade will not make me change the way I write. I write how I talk — and most people like how I write/talk.

The comments above are from a prompt “Is patriotism important”. They obviously expected everyone to answer “Yes, it is. We must love our country to death and recite the pledge everyday. Now, will you please bend over so I can kiss…”. I answered no, it is not.

I had many explanations, voice, content, and a very secure topic in what I turned in.

Regardless, I’m curious as to if the school system has a place from true creative writing anymore. It seems as though we constantly only do obvious-answer prompts anymore. Where’s the blackout poetry? Where’s the scene-writing? Where’s the lyrical stories? Where’s the open, honest, creativity? Are we reduced to simply answering a prompt?

In my current school, every day at the beginning of fourth period we must write and answer a journal prompt. The teacher stated on the first day of school that we must begin the journal entry restating the question. We must give at least three reasons why we answered what we did. We must end it in “And that’s why I think..”. Does anyone have a spoon to gag me with?

I would never, ever end any type of writing with “and that’s why..”. It’s so..boring..corny..first grade. I remember someone (I think it was a published author I met once, or it may have been an online friend) once told me that the end should always wrap up what you’re writing, but in a way to want the reader wanting more, yet satisfied. I feel the need to tattoo that on my back. Likewise, I would never start any form of writing by restating the question. If it was a report I would start it by giving out an interesting fact, as to pull the reader in to make him/her want to read more. If it was a fiction novel I would start with either onomonopia, describing the scene around me, and start in the middle of a dramatic scene.