Whew. First off, let me say that if you’re reading this — you’re beast. Seriously/ I like love you if you read ♥ ‘Tis got over one hundred and ten views yesterday alone, and that makes me plox ;)

Anyway, on with the teaser Tuesday.

“Boyfriend?” Tessa spit the words to Alishia as raw meat on her tongue.

“You’re being so immature..I cannot believe this.”

“He was mine. If you hadn’t come in then everything would be perfect for me — for him. For me, and and him” Tessa’ voice wavered with emotion.

“You can’t call a guy. Life doesn’t work like that.”

“Sorry, I didn’t realize that my best friend wouldn’t realize that I like have a major crush on someone and don’t want my best friend to go out with him — my bad!” Tessa glared at her bestfriend through tear stained hazel eyes that had been set on Oliver since the first moment she had seen him.
“Whatever..” Alishia walked toward the sunset leading toward her house, rolling her eyes and flipping her catty hair. “C’ey” a prissy voice mouthed into the phone with Oliver on the other end, with Tessa on the short end, fuming in the stunningly cold dawn.