Remember my post from forever ago, which was titled “10 ways to kill yourself”? Well, I decided to continue it. Why? Because I see so many people hang, shoot, slit, ect. themselves to commit suicide…I do not endorse suicide  nor disrespect people who have committed suicide — but I can see why they do it. So, here are some ways that, if I was suicidal I would..’do it’. (continued off from my other post).

11. Sniff some markers (sharpes work well) for minimum one hour *sniff sniff – hooray* then go climb a tree – Weeee!

12. Get a brownish gray shirt and/or tarp. Make sure it matches the color of a road or highway. At night, put on the shirt and/or put the tarp over you and then lay down in the road….and wait.

13. Find a bee mating center – go there while the bee keeper is sleeping and have a little tea party with the bees..

14. Dress up like Adolf Hitler and take a trip to Germany. Berlin is a good spot ;)

15. Go sing some Eminem and Tupac in a nursing home

16. Find a large waterfall – get a boat and test your luck! Hey, boating fast is fun — what could be more fun than really getting some “air” in your boat?

17. Do the worm in the middle of the street. The pedestrians would love a good midday show.

18. Tie a rope around a tree located above a lake or river – use it to swing into the water…oh noes. You don’t let go and come back, smashing into the tree.

19. Impersonate Duane “the rock” Jonson (is that how you spell his name?). Now, go take someone in the ring. Hey, you’re “the rock” you can take ’em.

20. Pretend that you’re the next Sanata! Go out, find some deer, and chain them up! Next, go down people’s chimneys — but you need your own special day to go inside people’s houses…does June 13th work for you?

*I do not take any responibility nor can be acountable for anyone who actually does this shit. (C) Shitty half attempts at humour while serious inc.*