*Gets on soapbox*

Yes, I Anathema support gay rights.

The other day was a day for everyone (who got the text, of course) to wear purple or rainbow clothes. It was a day to remember the six gay teens who took their own lives due to harassment from others about how they are (of course there are more than that amount who have committed suicide because of this and things of similar nature).

Love, is love. If a caucasian is allowed to marry an African-American, an Asian is allowed to marry a Brit, and so on..then why can’t a male marry a male, and a female marry a female? You can’t control who you fall in love with; and with some it may be of the same gender.

I myself am not gay, but do have some friends who are. I can’t bear the thought of loosing them because of people teasing them or being mean to them because they are not the typical heterosexual. Also, I honestly think it it’s just plain cruel to be mean to someone because they’re homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, objectum, ect.
I know what it’s like to be suicidal (though for different reasons), and it’s really awfully terrible. It’s really…depressing (for lack of better word) to be feel as low as you possibly can. I won’t even try to describe it. But really, why not just respect everyone the same (unless you treat everyone like crap..in which case, I would suggest going to a catholic school to fix up those manners and such) instead of caring about what kind of gender (or object(s)) they are attracted to? Unless you have romantic interest in them, then there’s really no reason for you to even care if they like objects, females, or males.

I personally find it..interesting..neat that people can have attractions to objects — it’s interesting to be frank. The same goes with homosexuality and bisexuality. I have never felt an attraction to a female, romantically, or an object so I think it’s interesting how others can. I also wonder what makes them start liking their own gender or objects in the first place…but this isn’t really the place for me to ask that.

Would you read my blog if in the sidebar I said that I was a lesbian? (I’m not..we’re playing a hypothetical game here) Would you comment differently? Would you talk to me differently? Honestly, if you’re answer to that was “yes” or “I don’t know, maybe” then you really need to rethink some things. Would me not having an attraction to males, but females really make a difference in the quality of my posts, how I write, or think? I don’t think it would, at all.

Also, I don’t see how someone can “sound”, “act”, “look”, or “dress” in a “gay” way. I wear rainbow and purples a lot, but am I homosexual? What if rainbow and/or purple is just my favorite color(s)? What if I just like wearing headbands? What if I’m naturally just a more ‘feminine’ guy? (I have been listening to what people call “gay” looking.).

It bothers me when people [try] to use the word “gay” or “fag” in an offensive way, or just throw it around like a baseball. It can seriously be offensive to people who do have those sexual preferences. Yes, yes, I am guilty of doing this, but I try not to (and repent afterward =P) and know that if someone who does have those preferences heard…would they like you afterward? (I’m using this as an example because I’m from this race..so no racism intended) If I was African-American and called another African-American next to me white trash as an intended offense or diss and a caucasian next to me heard..would they want to come and be my friend afterward? I would assume not.

A teacher in my school today told the class (I was in it) about how she supports gay rights, and how her sis is a lesbian and almost committed suicide because of people being so..rude and mean to her because of it. It really takes a lot of balls to get up and talk about her supporting gay rights to a bunch of teenage heathens. Especially when she could loose her job because of it. There could be some bitchy parents out there who are against it or do not want their children to hear about it and complain — it has happened around here. I fully support gay rights, but I normally don’t go preaching it, so I commend her for taking the time to talk to our school class about it. I wish I had the kind of guts she has to stop people from using ‘gay’ as an offense (since it’s not) or being against gay rights. Ever since I’ve read Harry Potter I’ve wanted that certain kind of bravery..but could never get it.