“Together forever; never apart .Maybe in distance, but never at heart”

I find that quote particularly lovely, considering that around eighty-five percent of my friends are online, and one of my ever so few best friends moved away over the summer.

Also..yes, many lovely quotes rhyme, but this one stood out to me. It rhymed, fit perfectly with my interpretation of what the writer was trying to say, and just generally had a lot of feeling, emotion, and meaning.

This is really a perfect kind of quote for people who (like myself) have many friends online, have friends or loved ones in other counties, have family members or loved ones who died, or have loved ones or family members who have passed away to heaven or hell (for the time being we’ll assume Heaven — assuming you and myself believe in Heaven and hell, again, just for the time being).

I read this poem/quote to my friend when she went away…oh gosh, talk about a teary moment. Times like this are when I love to be a girl, because from my collection of knowladge, boys my age don’t particularly like to cry in front of peers — which is basically what myself and one of my best friends did when she moved away.

I honestly don’t recall where I heard or read this quote. I just remember…it. If I knew, I would definatly give a shout out about that very deep and thoughtful..poet..TV person..writer..uhm human? Who wrote it. If anyone knows who wrote or said that, please drop a note in the comments about him/her..and if you know what year and where, that would also be somethin’ to put down there :)

Just thought I would share that lovely quote with all the lovely people who read my lovely blog ;)

Oh, and sorry for writing such a short, suckky post today :( *screams dramatically* forgive me..I know I have not met your standards oh great one. Oh wait..I didn’t meet up with my own standards of blog-post writing. I guess I should tell myself that it’s OK and that there’s always tomorrow..I think I will do that now. *Waves*